-Design/redesign existing site
-Custom professional design
-Concept creation
-Navigation system
-Web programming and coding
-Basic search engine optimization
-3-5 days delivery

Site Planning: We recommend establishing a basic navigation structure, which tells us how many pages you will need to tell your story and the general concept of what each of those pages will say. Then we can prepare whatever graphics needed to create the appearance of the page on the screen.

Site Content: You must have your story already in a computer based format, like Word, or on an existing web site, we can take your content and publish to the web in a relatively short time.

Site Maintaining: We provide lowest cost and free web maintenance. If you are interested in maintaining your own site, we can show you in a few minutes how to update your site. Or if you prefer, we will do it for you.

See Our Portfolio for some of our client sites.

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